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A quality business plan is the basis for starting a new project, business and the basis for negotiations on funding. Business today is unthinkable without the financial instruments that the Serbian market is abundant, and therefore it is imperative that the business plan should describe in detail the situation in which a company or the investment project are to be conducted, it should  analyze and define the need for capital from external sources of funding as well as to review the expected and projected operating results in the medium term future.

We provide consulting services related to the financial markets as well as preparation of all forms of business plans that will help our clients with realization of investment projects  necessary to ensure the loans and attract existing and future partners and associates who will, based on the business plan and business proposals  recognize  potential of the investment project  and see the possibilities of cooperation .

Management Strategies Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience in making investment studies. In the past, our clients  in partnership with our firm prepared business plans, investment programs, business projections and studies in order to achieve its investment activities. Investment studies were designed for managerial bodies of the companies to assist them in making investment decisions, for commercial banks, for the Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia, the National Employment Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Capital Investments, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, the Guarantee Fund, donors, leasing companies and other.

Based on the analysis and evaluation of feasibility of investment in a project that can be part of your business plan,  the possibility of interest from potential investors for investment in development projects  can be substantially  increased.

Questions and inquiries  related to economic development investment studies of all types  can be send to our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you  can contact us via our "Contact Us" page from your site, and through other communication addresses, given in contacts.