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We have the knowledge in the field of statutory and international accounting standards and  practices. We offer complete range of professional accounting services, financial reporting, employee wage calculations and servicesof  communication with tax authorities and as well as reconciliation of compliance of your liabilities as a taxpayer with the tax laws.

We profoundly understand the implications of new legislation and practices on business operations and  to our customers  we offer assistance in developing appropriate strategies how to derive maximum   benefit for their company  from every  new situation.
Our aim is to give you space so you can concentrate on developing your business while we take responsibility   of running your business records in accordance with legal requirements, your business needs and interests in  prompt, timely  and professional manner.

  • keeping of accounting records in accordance with IFRS and national financial reporting framework
  • preparing the financial statements in accordance with IFRS and national financial reporting framework
  • payroll and keeping records of employees
  • preparation  of special balances (liquidation, rehabilitation, consolidated, the division, the balance of fusion, etc.).
  • accounting consulting (interpretation of individual IFRS)
  • making notes to financial statements
  • writing of the rules on company’s accounting policies under IFRS and national financial reporting framework
  • Organization of company’ s accounting system (the establishment and improvement of accounting functions, flow of documentation  and system of internal accounting controls)
  • posting  in the general ledgerconducting of the analytical books:
  • book of  customers, suppliers,
  • register of fixed assets
  • of goods, materials, finished goods
  • the personal income of employees
  • the production calculations
  • calculation and recording of VAT and other tax liabilities
  • losing year end postings and closing of the books
  • taking, delivery, storage, archiving and protection of documents and data from the accounting
  • representation of the client in front of  the state authorities  of the financial and tax control  with full responsibility for accounting and bookkeeping tasks
  • other financial services -calculation of interest, balance reconciliation, making decisions and guidelines on the inventory count, quarterly financial reporting etc.