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and multifaceted concept must be properly presented and adapted to the needs of taxation, merger or acquisition, financing and strategic management. Also, the value must be balanced with the provisions of the applicable laws of the country where the business operates.

I order to create a successful business strategy it is necessary  to be aware of all the business alternatives available in the given economic situation. Also, management must be prepared to respond to possible adverse effects and have a complex understanding of how individual business decisions can affect the value of assets and capital of the company.

Our experts are at your disposal for any kind of professional advice regarding the assessment of capital, fixed assets and intangible assets, strategic transactions and investment decisions, strategic market analysis, business strategy and portfolio review. Using their knowledge and rich experience we assist our clients in making  key decisions related to the business development.

  • Financial  due diligence and review
  • Evaluation of the founding equity – the monetary as well as the non monetary
  • Assessment of solvency
  • Adviser in the privatization and restructuring
  • Financial analysis of business -  the ratio analysis includes all relevant financial indicators and parameters:
  • Indicators of financial structure
  • Liquidity indicators
  • Indicators of financial stability and security
  • Net Working Capital (NCC)
  • Debt Indicators
  • Indicators of activity
  • Indicators of the structure of income and expenditure
  • Indicators of good management
  • Indicators of profitability
  • Break-even point of profitability
  • Leverage
  • Forecasting Bankruptcies