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For proper and successful operations of any business undertaking it is crucial to define the economic and legal relations within the legal entetity as well as its economic and legal  relations with other legal entities  in  form of legal documents and contracts  just as it is of crucial importance to  properly  implement the commercial and contract law. Our knowledge and experience in commercial  and contract law can significantly contribute to the success of your business.

We are also available for  you to engage us  in business discussions and correspondence with the third parties and  in cooperation with our partner law firm wa can provide you with  complete range of legal services for which the need arises  in the course of running  your business.

  • Registration of companies
  • Pre-registration, changes to the Tax Identification Number
  • Change of legal form
  • Change of the owner and authorized persons / director
  • Changes in main activity
  • Changes in company offices and addresses
  • The establishment of business units and affiliates
  • Consulting in privatization and restructuring
  • Consulting in the bankruptcy and liquidation process
  • Status and organizational changes
  • Liquidation of companies and entrepreneurial activities
  • Debt collection through courts