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If you are a bidder for a public contract, we can guide you through the procedure and the formalities. We can help you to avoid being excluded from the procedure due to formal errors, and we will ensure that you can focus on the technical and commercial aspects of your bid.

  • By monitoring the Public Procurement Portal we find appropriate procurement for you as an bidder and send them to your e-mail
  • We analyze the opportunities for participation in public procurement
  • We study and interpret the orderer’s tender documents
  • We also provide detailed instructions to bidders for preparation of tender documents
  • According your request we prepare parts of tender documents
  • We provide the mandatory legal documentation of the Serbian Business Registers Agency and the National Bank of Serbia
  • Together with you, we participate in making bid forms (rates, payment, delivery ...)
  • We offer a final control of the correctness documents with the assessment of its accuracy
  • We attend and actively participate in the bid opening procedure (with the written authorization of the client)
  • We analyze the decision on the best bid and suggest further action
  • We offer access into the other bids with an analysis of their data, and find a basis for submitting the request for the protection of the rights of bidders
  • We can take proceedings for protection of the rights of bidders and help you make use of all legal means to get you back into the game
  • We communicate with the orderers in the legally allowed framework
  • * We also provide services after the conclusion of the contract - writing submissions related to realization of public procurement (delivery deadlines, guarantee, warnings for late payment ...)