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Our service regarding the  establishment and registration of companies and representative offices of foreign legal entities involves the following activities:

1. Comprehensive advice throughout the process:

  • The choice of legal form through the answers to the question whether it is more feasible to register a ltd,an agency or shareholding company;
  • Defining the core activity, and in case of  the Company of all other activities
  • The choice of names  of your company and checking the availability of the chosen name ;
  • Information on fixed business expenses: taxes on income and profits, compulsory social security contributions of founder and Director, taxes and social contributions for employees, fees for displaying the name of the  company etc;
  • Registering  with the VAT system: mandatory conditions and benefits of voluntary entry into the VAT system, the choice of strategy;
  • Information on obligation of having the cash registers;
  • Employment: types of work engagement through full time, part time employment contracts and other work contracts, information on obligations of employers;
  • Answers to other questions related to future performance

2. Making the founding act for the company and its verification in court;

  • Decision / Agreement on the Establishment of the company (incorporation)
  • Form of authorized person signiture

3. Collection of  the Decision on registration from  the Agency for Business Registers – Tax Identification Number;
4. Organization of making of the company’s stamps;
5. Opening of account in a commercial bank and payment of cash equity deposit;
6. Registration with  the competent Tax Authority;
7. Registration Log in the Pension Fund for all employees  as well as in the Funds for social and health insurance.

Opening and registration of foreign representative office

The representative office is a separate, legally dependent part of the parent company (the founder). It is not a separate legal entity and usually its function is to perform preliminary and preparatory work in connection with the conclusion of  contracts and to develop the business of the parent company in a foreign country, while it itself is often not actively performing business activities.

It is not subject to income taxation in the country where it is incorporated and does not constitute a "permanent establishment" in terms of the agreement on avoidance of double taxation. The  founder of the representative office is responsible for the obligations of the representative office. Representative office  may enter into contracts solely for its own purposes.

Representative office  usually has a local manager office but the directors of the representative office are directors of the founder.This form of legal entity is the most appropriate for transfer and business development in Serbia.

We offer you the service of registering of representative office and also possibility of registration of office at the address in Belgrade in Pozeska and  Kolarceva street , in the center of town.