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Management Consulting Strategies ltd. offers complete support for your business operations, fair, timely and high quality service, as well as the monitoring of business processes in order to improve the quality and enlarge the scope of your business operations thus increasing the value of the company. Management Consulting Strategies ltd. is  professionally and technologically equipped to provide quality services, having highly professional and expert staff, the fact that has been confirmed by a large number of our clients by entrusting us with assisting them reach their business objectives. Our concept of overall business support includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of and studying business ideas
  • Taking an insight into and the grasp of the business environment and market in Serbia
  • Services research and market analysis (market research)
  • Identification of market niches, market segments and trends
  • Consultation and selection of the best strategies for market entry
  • Developing Strategy for and carrying out the analysis of business expansion
  • Transfer of the seat of your firm at our address (virtual office)
  • Founding and registration of companies following the adequate selection of the legal form
  • Opening and registration of companies using the proper legal forms
  • Search for and selection of appropriate personnel (human resources)
  • Legal consulting and legal services
  • Accounting
  • Registration and check-out of staff
  • Correspondence with the Tax authorities and all state institutions
  • Tax Consulting
  • Marketing and Business Plan development services
  • Translation and Interpreting services /by the Court-sworn Translator and Interpreter/
  • PR services /development of PR strategies and identification of target groups, advertizing, media coverage of activities aiming at gaining publicity at the very start; other PR services/
  • Other backstopping services:  Other support services /registration-call off, obtaining a work visa, as well as work permits for employees, registration of the domicile for foreigners - administrative procedures, providing a guide through the city in the beginning et al./

All our services can be adapted and tailored according to your specific needs, with the aim at achieving your strategic goals. Management Consulting Strategies ltd. put their efforts into enabling customers monitor and project trends in the market and thus affect and lead the customer towards achieving the goal of doing successful business /in Serbia/