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Investment Bank performs wide range of activities. In the text below we will briefly outline the main activities ....
In the past two years we have established cooperation  with the New Capital Partners, LLC, which is one of  leading investment banks in the  emerging markets with headquarters in New York and Johannesburg, and  with our  assistance you can have access to a complete range of products and services of investment banking available  for companies in  private ownership as well as companies   listed on stock exchanges.
Particularly interesting is the possibility of minority recapitalization of private companies with  asset value above 10 000 000 USD.

Operations and activities of investment banks

As already mentioned, the investment bank performs  entire range of activities. Below we will briefly refer to core activities.

Financial Advisory - Investment banks  provide their  clients with  variety of consulting services. Examples of financial advisory services include providing relevant current information to  investment managers, advice to companies on investment strategy, assisting global companies in penetrating new markets (management of currency risk) and perhaps the most well known example are the services provided  in connection with the merger and acquisition of other companies (Mergers & Acquisitions - M & A).

Financial Engineering - Financial engineering can be defined as the development and creative application of financial technology  used to solve financial problems, to  exploite  financial opportunities and create additional value. By decomposition, unpacking and combining several (parts of) different  financial instruments, investment banks create new financial instruments with certain altered characteristics, tailored to the needs of clients.

Investment Management - Investment Bank often appears as an organizer and holder of the investment fund. In this context, investment management (asset management) is an extremely important activity of investment banks, conditioned by the dominant role of institutional investors in financial markets. Investment funds as institutional investors are becoming increasingly important participants in the capital market.

Venture Capital
- The term venture capital means risk capital, placed mainly in companies that are just starting and almost always belong to high-tech industry. Investment  banks act as general partner in the "pool" of venture capital investors.

The acquisition of capital and equity securities - Investment bank is in the role of mediator between the owners of capital and clients (companies, governments or local authorities) to whom the capital  is needed. In this context, the investment bank in the name of the client issues shares, bonds or other securities. The investment bank  charges the difference between the buying and selling prices of securities as fee for its service.

Sales and Distribution of Securities - Effective placement of securities involves a wide network to distribute newly created financial instruments. Much of the placement of new securities investment banks sell to institutional investors (pension, investment and insurance funds), building  special relationships. Also, many banks are developing special distribution channels through which securities are sold to individual investors.

Trading and creating market for securities – Performing  activities aimed at  support for placement of new securities to institutional and individual investors, the investment bank in the capital market appears as a so-called  market-maker. In this function , the investment bank in certain period of time ensures  liquidity by providing at the same time the purchase  and the sale price of securities. On the other hand, the investment bank in the securities market appears as a broker-dealer house, and trades for the client and for its own account.

Research - Almost all investment banks have a research department. Analysts employed in this department follow economic trends and news, stocks and bonds of individual companies or entire industries and other relevant information for the bank and its clients. Research department  can occur as an activity that generates revenue as  a supporting  activity. In the first case, the investment bank sells its reports to interested clients, while research as a supporting activity has an important role in other affairs of the bank.

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