Complete business support

Complete business support

Management Consulting Strategies d.o.o. is staffed, professionally and technologically trained to provide quality services, which has been confirmed by a large number of our clients with confidence. Our concept of overall business support includes the following activities:


Analysis and consideration of business ideas

Introduction to the business environment and market in Serbia

Market research and analysis services

Identification of markets, market segments and trends

Advising and choosing the best strategies for entering the market

Business expansion strategies and analyzes

Assignment of your company headquarters at our address (virtual office)

Opening and registration of a company with an adequate choice of legal form

Search and selection of adequate staff (human resources)

Legal consulting and legal services


Check-in and check-out of employees

Correspondence with the Tax Administration and all state institutions

Tax consulting

Marketing and business plan

Translation and interpretation services/Court interpreter /

Public relations manager/PR/services, namely designing the company's PR strategy and identifying the target group, advertising, media coverage of the company's activities in order to achieve publicity at the very beginning of business; other public relations and communication services

Other services

registration-deregistration and obtaining a business visa and work permit for employees, registration of residence for foreigners – administrative procedures, finding business premises, apartments and residences, providing guides through the city for the first time and the like.

All our services can be tailored to your specific needs, and are aimed at achieving your strategic goals. Management Consulting Strategies d.o.o. strives to enable clients to monitor and predict market trends and thus influence their successful business.

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