Establishment and registration of companies and representative offices

Establishment and registration of companies and representative offices AND ALL OTHER LEGAL ENTITIES

For the establishment and registration of companies and representative offices of foreign companies, we have prepared a package of services, which includes:


Comprehensive counseling throughout the procedure:

choice of legal form through answers to the question whether it is more favorable to establish a shop or a company in a specific case;

defining the predominant activity, and in the case of companies, all other activities;

choosing the name of your company and checking the availability of the chosen name ;

information on fixed operating costs - income or profit taxes, mandatory social contributions of founders and directors, taxes and social contributions for employees, taxes for highlighting the company and the like;

registration in the VAT system: conditions of mandatory and advantages of voluntary entry into the VAT system, choice of strategy;

obligation to own a fiscal cash register;

employment - types of employment through employment contracts and other contracts, obligations of employers;

answers to other questions related to future business.

preparation of founding acts for companies and notarization;

decision/Agreement on the establishment of the company (founding acts);

taking over the decision of the Business Registers Agency - PIB;


opening a current account in a commercial bank and payment of the founding contribution;

registration of the beginning of work with the competent Tax Administration;

registration of employees with PIO fund and republic funds for social and health insurance.


The representative office is a separate, legally dependent part of the parent company (founder). It is not a separate legal entity and its function is usually to perform preliminary and preparatory activities related to the conclusion of a contract, as well as to develop the business of the parent company in a country, while it is most often not engaged in business.

It is not subject to income taxation in the country in which it is established and does not constitute a “permanent establishment” within the meaning of the double taxation agreement. The founding company is responsible for the obligations of the representative office. Only the representative office can conclude contracts exclusively for its own needs.

The representative office usually has a local manager, but the directors of the representative office are the directors of the firm itself. This form of legal entity is the most adequate for the transfer and development of business on the Serbian market..

We offer you the service of establishing a representative office of your company, but also the advantage of registering an office at our address (virtual office).

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