Virtual office

Virtual office

If you are looking for the virtual office service within our company, we provide you with:

Registration of the company's headquarters at the address in Belgrade;

Our clerk at your disposal, who will be available to you at any time;

Local telephone numbers, answering calls, forwarding and recording;

Administrative support - from photocopying to booking hotels and airline tickets

Performing complete official correspondence is the address from Belgrade;

Doing business from Belgrade, and you can be anywhere;

Collecting and forwarding your mail;

All the advantages of the company's headquarters at no extra cost.

What is a virtual office

A virtual office is a great alternative to reducing your initial costs related to the company’s headquarters. This solution is ideal for start-ups in a new market, a small business or a home-based business, as well as for those who want to expand into new markets without additional risk.

If you are looking for a business address and related services that will reflect the professionalism of your business, we provide you with support – an impression of prestige at a price you can afford.

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